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Role Of IVF In Human Lives!

      We, humans, lives in relations. But in case of a married couples, the only intimate bonding happens when they have their own child. So having a child is everyone's dream. But due to many reasons, some people failed in attaining their parenthood. Here comes the importance of IVF. In-Vitro Fertilization(IVF) is an Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART) used for treating infertility problems hence to achieve pregnancy.

History :

In 1978, 25th july the first IVF Baby Born, “Louise Brown”, a native of England, this ART is conducted by Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe. Now, Thank Robert Edwards for his efforts, because now about 1.5 million people over the world are beneficial to his invention every year. ( Ref :

Beneficial :

The patients with the following problems get beneficial with IVF cycles:
  • Blocked or Damaged fallopian tubes
  • Low sperm count
  • Ovarian issues
  • Reproductive health problems
  • Ovulation disorders in women
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Over age, Overweight.

The IVF Cycles:

IVF is not just a procedure, it is a sequence of processes to follow to achieve pregnancy.
First the Ovaries are stimulated with hormones to produce more egg than normal one egg per cycle.
Several eggs are collected at right time,
Then semen sample is cultured with eggs in a culture dish in laboratory
If a sperm fertilizes, a zygote formed.
Then the zygote is allowed to grow to a suitable size in laboratory conditions.
After the zygote have its size, it is transferred to uterus.

This is the sketch of IVF cycles, for further informations, visit :

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