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Best Solution For Infertility Problems !!! Keep Your Hopes Alive

Female infertility is fairly common nowadays. Every woman's joy is having her own baby. Nonetheless, some are having difficulties because of female infertility due to diminished ovarian ovarian reserve, problems with ovulation, menstruation problems, endometriosis, and low hormone counts. If you are one of those women having these problems, you should not worry because technology and nature have found solutions to treating female infertility.

Causes of Female Infertility

There are many factors that contribute to female infertility. One is hormonal disorder that can affect the ovulation process. If hormonal problems are the cause of female infertility, the treatment options include taking hormones orally.One of the most typical causes of infertility is due to damage done to fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes play a very important role in fertilization as they have to be clear and open in order for the egg and sperm to successfully meet. In case of blocked fallopian tubes then it might cause several problems resulting in infertility. The most typical causes for the blockage of the fallopian tubes are due to the presence of scar tissue and adhesions in the pelvic region.

Female Infertility Treatments

New drugs are now available to enhance the success rate of many female infertility treatments. The potent combination of drugs, hormone therapy and various methods like artificial insemination are making conception much easier for many couples. The drugs are designed to induce the production of more eggs in the woman. Often, female infertility treatment drugs are used together with IntrauterineInsemination (IUI) and Invitro fertilization.

InVitro Fertilization is another common female infertility treatment. In this female infertility treatment, fertilization occurs in a lab. This female infertility treatment entails the removal of mature eggs from the female and is fertilized with sperm collected from the male. The fertilized embryo is then placed back into the uterus of the mother. It is a popular form of female infertility treatment.

PonniBaby Centerdesigned to help your infertility problems and will find a suitable solutions to fit your current needs. You may be able to have a child the natural way and this could mean all the difference towards your happiness.

I hope the above options give you more idea on how to treat female infertility and increase your fertility to greater heights. More important, having a good mind and body will sure help you on your quests to me moms and dads.

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Are you Confused about IVF Treatment ?

Infertility is really big problem nowadays. Infertility problems are occurred due to both male and female factors . There are many treatments for infertility. The best treatment which is globally accepted is IVF treatment.

What is IVF Treatment ? 

IVF is one of the most modern treatment that is used to treat fertility problems. IVF can be expanded to "In Vitro Fertilization " . It is a process that the sperm will fertilize the egg in the laboratory.Thousands of babies have been born by using this very good method of fertilizing. So with no doubt we can say that IVF is the best option to select as a effective treatment. 

How is IVF procedure done ?    

As said earlier it is a procedure that is conducted in a fully equipped laboratory with the proper guidance of infertility specialists. In IVF sperm from a male and the egg from a female will be combined to fertilized. 

IVF is not a simple procedure to be carried out easily. The procedure mainly include  five steps. The steps are : 
  • Controlling Ovarian Hyper stimulation (COH) 
  • Egg Retrieval
  • Fertilization and Embryo Culture
  • Embryo Quqlity
  • Embryo Transfer
Only after completing this five steps in a proper manner without any defects, then we can say that a it is a sucessfull IVF procedure .

Benefits of IVF treatment 

  • It is very much beneficial to those who have a damaged Fallopian Tubes.
  • If male partner has minor problem with sperm. 
  • If cases  like IUI treatment  has been failed.  
  • Conformation of fertilization
So when considering these aspects IVF can be considered to be one of the best fertility treatments that is much effective. 

Ponni is a world class fertility centre that provides IVF treatments for both male and female. It is well equipped with all the most modern facilities with the help of infertility specialists.

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